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Hi, I'm Andrew. I'm Nice. I like a lot of things. People say I'm smart but I think they're nuts! I'm also random so be prepared. Ask me questions because remember, I'm nice!


Sandra Lee makes a “Kwanaza Cake” on her bullshit TV show. And bullshit food network aired it. Fuck em all. Food network was supposed to be my safe place.

BREAKING: Ferguson Is Going To Very Expensive Lengths to Hide Information From the Public →


One might think that after the national outcry over the handling of the shooting of Michael Brown at the hands of a police officer, officials in Ferguson, Mo., might have learned some humility. Think again.

The AP reports that city officials are requesting exorbitant fees from news organizations that are requesting documents under Missouri’s Sunshine Act concerning the police shooting of Michael Brown and the city’s heavy-handed response. The law governs the release of government information to the public and the news media, including internal emails, records, memos and other documents.

Under the law, the city can provide the information free of charge if its contents are determined to be in the public interest. The AP notes, “Open records laws are designed to give the public access to government records at little or no cost.” Officials in Ferguson seem to have other ideas about just what the public is entitled to know.


Louis Wilson holds up a sign during the Ferguson city council meeting on September 9, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri. Source: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Instead of being transparent about the documents, the city has been charging news outlets outrageous sums of money to access the information. BuzzFeed was told their request for documents related to local elections and traffic citations would cost “unspecified thousands of dollars,” according to the AP. The city told the AP itself that it would charge $135 per hour to retrieve “a handful of emails,” which would have amounted to $2,000 for 16 hours of work. The salary for an entry-level employee in the city clerk’s office is $13.90 per hour. The AP didn’t pay for the emails.

The practical effect of these high fees is that cash-strapped newsrooms can hardly afford to pay for access to records which are typically distributed free of charge or at much lower rates. This has a stifling effect on coverage, and prevents relevant information about the police and the city of Ferguson from reaching the public. ”Charging exorbitant fees to simply cut and paste is a popular tactic” to discourage pesky questions, one open-government advocate told the AP. It’s completely legal, too.

This isn’t the first time officials in Ferguson have sought to hide information from the public, either. The police department didn’t release the name of Darren Wilson, Michael Brown’s killer, until six days after the shooting. The ACLU filed requests in the days after the shooting for records related to the shooting, and received only heavily redacted versions of police reports that censored officers names and other crucial details.

The good news is that blocking news organizations from accessing internal records won’t get city officials off the hook. With the Department of Justice now investigating the Ferguson police department, it’s only a matter of time until the full picture of the city’s response to the Michael Brown shooting emerges.

Source: Stefan Becket for Policy.Mic

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They are trying to say a 19 year old kid pulled a gun out on a cop in the Bronx and I find that to be highly suspect. I don’t believe it and it’s scary because I work a few blocks away from where this happened. High season is still on, I hope they don’t conveniently find a gun on or around me while I’m on my way home from work. -____-


Here’s a couple of things I found for the anon looking for a master post about the benefits of  drinking water.

Also here’s a printable water tracker to help track how much water you’re drink so that you can make sure you’re getting enough. [here]

According to this I need to have 85 oz of water in the Bronx.
More than 10 cups of water.
That’s so privileged.

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"Ellen Reads Her Chinese Viewers’ Names"


Ellen mispronounces Chinese people’s names and she and her audience laugh at them cuz it’s racistly funny apparently



Ellen uses “American” interchangeably with “English”, as in, the language.

At 2:30: "This one, they didn’t even try to do American, this is just Chinese."

The comments are turned off on this video, but how was this even cleared to be aired?? Fuck you Ellen. This isn’t the first time you’ve been racist on your show.

This is why you weaboos/koreaboos/white ppl CANNOT give yourself a “japanese” or "korean" or "chinese" name for yourself (or any name from a language and culture that’s not your own). Whites take our names as jokes and we’re mocked for it in real life and in the media. 


We’re constantly othered, demeaned, and fetishized. Trash like you butcher our names and turn them into racist caricatures.

Our names are precious and beautiful and meaningful in ways you can’t begin to understand. Our names are carefully crafted together by our parents/family.

You trash don’t deserve to utter our names. Fuck you.

Ellen.. I was rooting for you..

why? why were u rooting for her? she often mocks and disparages black women’s bodies as well. ellen been problematic. par for the course. the nerd was barely funny as a stand up comic, but that was before a lot of yall time so a lot of “current” ellen don’t know who the fuck this saltine really is. boo this woman. but i mean hey yall root for the white gurl, some easy bake basic shit, cuz hey white gurl fuck yeah!….. nope

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When you learn that a cop shot at a young guy just a few blocks away from where I work at, only an hour and a half after I left the areas.

Why is grilled cheese paired with tomato soup? It makes no sense to me. You have cheese and bread.
Where in that equation is tomato necessary?


When photographer Sandro Miller decided to do a project to honor the photographers who had inspired him and shaped his career, he called on his longtime friend and frequent collaborator John Malkovich to help him. The result is Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters, a brilliant series of 35 recreations of iconic portraits, all starring the actor as the subject.

Is this art?
I don’t know if I’m supposed to like it or not.

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gelopanda said: Idk about your last point. I don’t think white Latinos are people of color. Those blue eyed, blond haired Cubans or Argentinians or Colombians who can navigate white spaces may suffer xenophobia, but so can white ppl from Europe. Most are POC tho

It’s largely because…

Idk… I mean it’s really hard to code people as particular racial categories from one place to another. For example, white Dominicans and Puerto Ricans (I use these nationalities since I am both Dominican and Puerto Rican) have clear access to white privilege in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
But the fact that Latinxs are racialized as a homogenized race in the United States is worth noting. However, being racialized as Latinx may not equate being a POC.
But at the same time, Latin America technically has a minority of folks who have this access in the United States and in Latin America.
I feel uncomfortable to include people with white privilege as POC.
Having an accent when speaking English is not the same as being oppressed based on what you look like. I know too many white Puerto Ricans and Dominicans who access white spaces without issue because they don’t have thick accents. Yes there is a history of oppression but I’m still trying to figure out of it would be okay to code all Latinxs as people of color. I want to say no initially but as a racialized group there could be some sort of legitimacy.

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